VELOPLUGS  are the best idea since the invention of clincher rims made available by Velocity the rim makers from Australia.

  • Rim tape usually weigh about 20 g
  • 32 Veloplugs weigh only 5 g
  • fewer spokes - then the savings are greater
  • Tyre mounting is easier with the Veloplugs
  • Incredible blow strength. Tyre start to fail long before the Veloplug
  • Veloplugs can be used over and over

Red and Yellow Veloplugs
  • Red Veloplugs fit 8 mm holes
As it turns out many pre-built wheels have spoke holes larger than 8 mm
so the solution was to completely redesign the Veloplugs.

The Yellow Veloplugs fit many more rims and wheels.

  • Yellow Veloplugs fit rim holes from 8.5 to 9.3 mm.
Red or Yellow?
Unfortunately this is unpredictable to say since the hole size may vary from batch to batch.
To go sure please measure the hole size of your rim before ordering.